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Shrink Tunnel Machine
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Shrink Wrapping Machines, Shrink Wrapping Machines manufacturers, Shrink Wrapping Machine suppliers

Products in the shrink wrapping film in wrinkle free and perfect finish, using least of electricity.

Application :
Boxes, jewel boxes, bottles, jars, metal components, stationary, can etc.


  • Two roll of shrink film operation
  • MM sealing line on two side of the product
  • Automatic feeding of product through conveyor system
  • P.L.C. Controlled System
  • Heavy-duty conveyor system
  • High-speed blower system with continuous rating
  • High quality heating element
  • Machine can be attached with any other packing machine or operation to give online application

Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machines Features of Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machines:

Double reel Automatic Shrink wrapping system for the bundling of any kind of cylindrical, rectangular and irregular shaped products.


We supply our customers with shrink wrapping machines that are fitted with a heavy duty conveyor system, high speed bowler system, etc. These unique features help in packaging of irregular shaped products. Our shrink wrapping machines are mostly used by industries dealing with pesticides bottle, talcum powder bottle, shampoo bottle, welding rods, gift items, etc. Our shrink wrapping machines can also be attached to other packing machine to confer online application.

Auto Conveyor for automatic conveying of packs can be provided on LHS -/- RHS to suit individual requirement. Product feeding manually arranged on the loading table with push button for the starting of the automatic cycle also. Space saving sleeve, pneumatic pusher for automatic intake of packs.

Individual sealing bar with twin sealing elements. Endless PVC or S.S. slate chain conveyor. Specially designed S.S. tubular finned heaters for minimum power consumption and maximum heat transfer. Heavy duty turbo blower for effective and efficient hot air circulation.

Class insulation provided with glass wool and asbestos/calcium silicate sheet for machine panel and silicon tubing for conveyor rods. Over backed heat resistant power coated used. Lading and cooling zone provided as standard feature as outlet. Heavy duty A.C. motor provide with gear box and controller for heavy load conveyor. Stainless steel conveyor roller with silicone coated.

Auto temperature control. Full heavy duty power coated tunnel covers and electric panel board. Applications of Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine: Pesticides Bottle, Pharmaceutical Bottle, Textile , Cosmetic Items Like Talcum Powder Bottle, Books & Stationery Like Playing Cards, Mineral water, Food Products Like pickle bottle, Soap & shampoo Bottle, Gift Items , Welding rods , etc.

Shrink Wrapping Machines, Shrink Wrapping Machines manufacturers, Shrink Wrapping Machine suppliers