Product Range

Heat Shrink Tunnel Machine
Shrink Tunnel Machine
Shrink Tunnel Heavy Duty
Shrink Wrapping Machine
Shrink Chamber Machine
Sleeve Labeling Shrink Machine
Portable Shrink Tunnel Machine
Web Sealer With Shrink
Tunnel Machine
Shrink Wrapping Machines
Continuous Bend Sealer
Bend Sealer Machine
Web Sealer With Shrink Tunnel
Automatic Shrink
Wrapping Machine
Manual L-Sealer
With Shrink Tunnel Machine
Online L-Sealer With
Shrink Tunnel Machine
Manual Heat Sealer
Horizontal Continuous Band Sealer
Tube Filling Sealing Machine
Band Sealing Machine
Continuous Band Sealing Machine
Foot Direct Heat Sealing Machine
Horizontal Band Sealing Machine

Vertical Continuous Band

Sealing Machine

Horizontal Pneumatic
Sealing Machine
Pneumatic Tube Sealing Machine
Manual Tube Sealing Machine
Vacuum Packaging Machine
With Nitrogen Flushing
Vacuum Packaging Machine
Commercial Model
Vacuum Packaging Machine
Bag Vacuum Packing Machine
Table Top Vacuum
Packing Machine
Vacuum Packaging Machine
Open Type
Vacuum Packaging Machines
Industrial Conveyor
Continuous Nitrogen
Flushing Machine
Maxi Continuous Nitrogen
Flushing Machine
Continuous Nitrogen
Flushing Machine
Maxi Continuous Nitrogen
Flushing Machine
Pneumatic Flame Proof Machine
Auto Impulse Sealer
Pneumatic Foot Impulse Sealer
Pouch Sealer Machine
Hand Sealer
Auto Direct Heat Sealer
Manual L-Sealer Machine
Foot Impulse Sealers
Pneumatic Impulse
Sealer Machines
Pneumatic Sealing Machine
Pneumatic Impulse Sealer
Foot Impulse Sealer
Semi Automatic L-Sealer Machine
Manual Induction Sealing Machine
Manual Heat Sealing Machine
Auger Filler Machine
Liquid Filling Machine
Pet Filling Machine
Carton Tapping Machine
Skin Packaging Machine
Box Strapping Machine
Pepsi Sealer
Piston Type Tube Filling Machine
Manual Tube Filling Machine

Why We

  • High quality, high performance Packaging Machines.
  • Customized machines are developed.
  • Competitive prices.
  • Good after sales services.

Packaging Icon  Company Presentation

Company Presentation - Amar Packaging, Mumbai, India

Slide 1: Manufacturer & Exporter of Packaging Sealing Machines

Slide 2: About Us Established in 1998, at Mumbai Trusted & reliable vendor base Technically sound infrastructure Clientele in Reliance life science Ltd., Cipla Ltd. & other companies Export to India subcontinent & other countries Cater to Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, Plastic & other industries

Slide 3: Why Us? Stringent quality inspections High grade raw materials Cost effective market prices Safety & timely delivery schedule Clients centric approaches Spacious warehousing & packaging facility

Slide 4: Products Basic, Band & Heat Sealers Shrink Tunnel Tube Sealing Machines Vacuum Packaging Machines Packing Machines

Slide 5: Basic, Band & Heat Sealers Hand Sealers Foot Impulse Sealers Foot D.H. Sealer Direct Heat Sealing Machines Foot Impulse Sealer Fully SS-304 Pneumatic Foot Impulse Sealer Mini Horizontal & Vertical Continuous Band Sealers Manual Heat Sealer Model No. Aphs-m100

Slide 6: Tube Sealing Machines Manual Tube Filling Machines Piston Type Tube Filling Machines Manual Tube Sealing Machines Pneumatic Tube Sealing Machines Semi - Automatic Tube Filling & Sealing Machines

Slide 7: Shrink Tunnel Manual L-sealer Semi-Automatic L-Sealer Shrink Chamber Machines Shrink Tunnel Machines Portable Shrink Tunnel Machines Shrink Tunnel Heavy Duty Manual L-sealer With Shrink Tunnel Machines

Slide 8: Vacuum Packaging Machines Table Top Vacuum Packing Machines Commercial Model Vacuum Packaging Machines Open Types Vacuum Packaging Machines Double Chamber Vacuum Packing Machines 25Kg. Bag vacuum Packing Machines

Slide 9: Packing Machines Box Strapping Machines Carton Tapping Machines Automatic Form Fill And Sealing Machine For Powders Skin Packaging Machines / Vacuum Forming Machines Semi Automatic Liquid Filling Machines Automatic Liquid / Pest Filling Machines Auger Filler & Pop Corn Machines